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Travel Safe Bed Bug ERADICATOR Spray - Non-Toxic and Ready to Use Formula - RTU 8 fl oz Travel Size Spray

Travel Safe ERADICATOR™ Bedbug Spray comes in a travel size (8 fl oz) version that can be carried on and can be packed away in luggage. Spray your luggage at Baggage Claim, around your hotel bed area on arrival, and time for bed. ERADICATOR™ is a 100% green product that effectively controls bed bugs and dust mites. The active ingredients in ERADICATOR™ eliminate bed bugs and dust mites. This non-toxic formula eradicates all strains of bed bug infestations, even those immune to toxic chemicals (usually Pyrethroids, which are a synthetic Pyrethrum and a neurotoxin). While highly effective, ERADICATOR™ contains no harmful chemicals making the product safe to use around people and pets. ERADICATOR™ is also effective against household pests such as fleas, ticks, and chiggers. Spray Travel Safe ERADICATOR™ Bed Bug Spray on linens, mattresses, box springs, headboards, bed frames, baseboards, and all cracks and crevices where Bed Bugs may hide. Thoroughly spray luggage interiors and exteriors. Repeat process often for safety. Do not saturate; a fine mist is sufficient.

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