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Enzymatic ERADICATOR - Total Lice Elimination Kit - Natural Solution Mousse & Repellent Spray - Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

The Enzymatic ERADICATOR™ Total Lice Elimination Kit  contains three effective products for the treatment and prevention of lice infestation.  This kit comes with a 4 fl oz bottle of Lice Elimination Mousse, a Nit Free Terminator lice comb, and an 8 fl oz bottle of Dual Action Lice Spray. These three proven products are 100% safe and when used together will eliminate lice and nits (lice eggs).  Included in this kit are:

  1. Lice Elimination Mousse (4 fl oz) is a solution of naturally occurring enzymes that treat hair and scalp before combing out lice and nits. This formula gently dissolves the glue-binding the nits to the hair without irritating the scalp.
  2. The Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb is a patented stainless steel, washable comb that features extra-long, unbreakable micro-grooved teeth, ensuring optimum efficacy in all types of hair.  Microscopic cutting edges are positioned along the teeth in a tight spiral construction to pick out the tiniest lice or nits.
  3. Dual Action Lice Spray (8 fl oz) is an enzymatic lice repellent spray that uses natural peppermint oil to prevent lice re-infestations.

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