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Nature's ERADICATOR Super Concentrated Pre-formed Enzyme Cleaner - Multi-purpose - Cleans Organic Material (e.g. Blood, Urine, Bed Bugs, etc.) - 128 Fl Oz

Nature's ERADICATOR™ is super concentrated pre-formed enzyme cleaner and is one of the most powerful enzymatic solutions on the market. This non-sticky, scent-free solution has been developed for stronger enzyme cleaning by adding twice the enzymes and surfactants (natural green soaps) at higher concentrations. 

  • Nature’s ERADICATOR removes offensive odors like cigarettes or urine by breaking down molecules into their odor-free constituents. Contrary to “cover-up” and perfumed products.
  • This strong solution breaks down organic matter like grease, blood, urine, and much more. It is also effective for bed bug and dust mite control.
  • This concentrated solution can be diluted to 8 parts water to 1 part concentrate for a variety of clean-up applications, both for commercial and household use.  

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